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Just Call Me Super Mom

April 13, 2010

I am classifying myself as a Super Mom today. That’s right- superhero STATUS.

I am awarding myself this Super Mom Award for the following reasons:

10. Traveled alone on a 5 hour and 20 min flight by myself with a 1 and 3- year-old.

9. Made it onto the airplane with a walking 3 yr old, a non-walking 1-year-old , cooler bag, pink duffel bag, my purse, which of course is a back-breaking size, and the Phil and Ted’s attachment stroller seat.  I , thankfully, did have some help from Robbie, an Alaskan Airlines worker who I think just felt sorry for me. Robbie, you are my hero. Oh did I mention for some reason there was no jetway so we were outside in the pouring rain and had to walk up some slippery ramp to get on the plane? NO JETWAY?? Ty-Ty had to sit on the cold wet pavement next to the plane while I folded up the stroller since of course he is not even standing yet! You should have heard the screams coming from this kid.

8. Cleaned up my $25 Venti Latte (some #^&!?/  knocked it off the tray table) that spilled into the seat next to us before the lady sitting there boarded the plane. The seat was of course soaking wet from my thousands of wipes that I had to use to clean it up. But hey, it was probably the cleanest seat on the plane, she should thank me. Did I mention the latte also spilled into my “dry food” bag and diaper holder thingy?

 7. Dried Miss Moo’s soaking wet pants (from a water spill ) in time to put back on her so she didn’t have to depart the airplane in her underwear. Yes I forgot a 2nd pair of pants for her. Rookie.

6. Talked a nice lady into watching my kids (sucker) so I could go pee in peace and without having the kids lick the walls of the nasty airplane bathroom.

5. Got a sick, teething, exhausted 1 yr old with a 101 fever to finally take a whopping 40 min nap after screaming for 53 minutes (I didn’t time it or anything). It was the kind of blood curdling screaming that you hear on the airplane and you are like, oh please, shut that kid up already!! Hey a 40 minute nap is better than nothing right?

4. Caught kid vomit in an airline cocktail napkin and successfully transferred the goods to a plastic garbage bag without spilling ANY of it!!! It did not get on anything! No clothes, no seat cushions, nothing! If that doesn’t classify me as a Super Mom, I don’t know what does!

3. Had enough will power to avoid the Mai Tai’s the flight attendants started serving for the last beverage service before we landed. I knew if I started drinking all hell would break loose.

2. Got the PILOT to carry Sadie Lady, the SCREAMING 3-year-old, down the stairs attached to the plane to get off. Seriously she saw the stairs and had a TOTAL meltdown. Clearly since I was carrying Ty-Ty, the cooler, pink duffel, my purse, and the 2nd stroller seat, there is NO way I could have carried her unless I grew a 3rd arm. Again, I think the pilot just felt sorry for me.

1. And the #1 reason I am a Super Mom is because despite all of that, I am still standing and breathing and still have 2 well and able  children. Now I am lucky enough to visit with my parents in Hawaii for a vacation trip. Still on Mommy duty like always, but now I get to do it in HAWAII with the help of my parents!!

All Moms are Super Moms. Just some days you impress yourself beyond belief and can’t believe that you have indeed SURVIVED and well, you just want to brag about it a little bit!

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  1. T. Eugene Oody permalink
    April 13, 2010 11:56 am

    Sorry, Rachel, that your trip with the kids turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare, but you are to be congratulated for the manner in which you took care of the situation at hand. Perhaps the nice visit with you parents in Hawaii will make you somewhat forget the bad flight experience.

    Have a wonderful stay in Hawaii. Wish Minnie and I could be there too.

    Love ys,


  2. always needs a vaca!!! permalink
    April 13, 2010 7:29 pm

    WOW!! You have FULL bragging rights for that one!! And the fact that you were able to somehow grab a starbucks AND not get to drink it and still not kill your children is amazing!!!! My hats off to you my friend!!!

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